Friday, January 07, 2005

Knitting with R

My 5 year old son has been a frequent party to my knitting lately. During his school vacation week after Christmas, he decided he wanted to go on a long train ride. Here was my excuse to go to a yarn store! We took the red and orange T lines out to Jamaica Plain one snowy day to visit Circles. It is a very nice store. I didn't get to meet the owner, but the staffer had her cute baby boy with her. R enjoyed playing with him in the playroom. In fact, he enjoyed the playroom so much, he didn't want to leave when I was ready to go. He picked out some yarn so I could make him the alligator mittens from Stitch and Bitch Nation. They are adorable! (Photo when I can upload photos again..laptop died before the holidays and I'm using a loaner)

The following Sunday my husband and daugher were sick and wanted to rest, so R came with me to True Grounds for the SnB group. He sat on the couch and played Mario Bros on his Gameboy. TG was out of cookies, so we had biscotti (I called it a "long cookie" and he was fine with it). R was somewhat astonished when Betsy and Omar arrived and Omar started knitting. "How come he's knitting - he's a boy!" R exclaimed. I found this interesting in that he really hasn't seen any evidence that knitting is "only" for girls other than the fact that I knit and Daddy doesn't (Daddy plays World of Warcraft while Mommy knits - an amicable arrangement). We told him anybody could knit if they wanted to, and he accepted this new information. I asked whether he wanted me to teach him, and he said "Sure." Hey, maybe I will. Don't think he's headed to a Waldorf School though - there would be no way to get him away from TV and video games. I mean, he likes to play sports and read and play board and card games too, but he cherishes cartoon time.

Yesterday was a snow day so no school. R came with me to work and we went to a lunchtime knitting class. He didn't feel like playing Gameboy, so he made up a game with an empty milk bottle. I managed to get him to do some drawing too. The class didn't have any men, so there goes my stereotype busting. He was able to sit still until he noticed a candy dish in the adjacent room. Then it became a constant "Can we go now?" "I'm bored." "Can we get some candy now?" I didn't get much knitting done.


Blogger Bookish Wendy said...

What a cutie! I love that age and he sounds like a keeper. Circles is a great store for little kids, there is even a loom for them to try weaving on!

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