Friday, April 13, 2007

Go Go Power Rangers!

Working my way through the unfinished projects pile...finished my Toe Socks, the Fair Isle pillow (need to get a pillow form, but the knitting is finished), and, ta da! R's Power Ranger socks, so named because the yarn (Trampoline) has all the colors of the Power Rangers. And the colors of Bionicles, too, which is good as over the past year R has become less interested in Power Rangers and more into Lego Bionicles. Kind of a slow sock knitter, me.

(Don't worry about the boo-boos - soccer practice has started again)

I've also made it to the decrease rows of my Clapotis, and it's coming out better than I dared hope in the nylon ribbon yarn. And, I finished the first Sitcom Chic sleeve and attached it to the body of the sweater.

Off now on vacation where I hope to get another Sitcom Chic sleeve and husband's second toe-up sock finished. I was working on the latter while watching 30 Rock and figured I must be close to making the heel, then got out the finished sock and realized I was only about halfway done with the foot.


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You rock the socks :)

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