Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Knitting WIP

I almost forgot to mention that I also crocheted 2 sweaters for my DD. I think she's already grown out of them, alas.

I also have several knitting works in progress, and a to-do list as well!
The hooded sweater for my son has front and back finished (and nice lady at the Knitting Room went over 3-needle-bindoffs with me so it looks great) and one sleeve almost done. I tried the sleeve on him and it looks like it could use another inch or two. Then onto the other sleeve and the hood, and my very first knitted garment will be complete. Photos soon.

Hats! I've made three hats so far - one for J's baby Ben, one for H's baby who is due any second and we think will be named Morgan, and one for a charity fundraiser. I have one more for the fundraiser that's nearly finished - I'm about to switch to the dpns after decreasing as much as possible on the circulars.

Also in progress - a keyhole scarf in international distress orange (Shepherd's Colour4Me) for DS. That should make him easy to spot on the playground, huh?

Next up will be the Anouk pattern from Knitty for DD. My local shop didn't carry Cascade Pima Tencel so I'll be trying Cotton Fleece instead. I should get to start on the swatch for that next week - maybe I can start on pockets and use those as swatches? Hmm. I also bought some Lamb's Pride Bulky for a hat for DH, and some Cotton Classic for cell phone/iPod cosies for my nieces and sisters. I just think the idea of a technocosy is lame/fun enough that I had to try it. Plus I had a coupon for the yarn store so figured I'd stock up on yarn for holiday present projects.

OK! Watch this space to see how all of these develop!


Blogger Stacy said...

Hi Katie,

Where'd you get the pattern for the ipod cozy?

You should add an RSS feed to your site so I can keep up with it! :)


9:54 AM  

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