Monday, September 20, 2004

Knitting and movies

With the kids going to bed a little earlier these days, we've had the chance to watch (and, in my case, knit during) some movies. I saw three great films this week alone:

Last Orders, based on the novel by Graham Swift. Stellar cast, true to the novel, just great.
Lost in Translation - I was afraid that I wouldn't like this because there have been times that I haven't liked certain "indie" movies that others rave about (eg. Before Sunrise), but this was a delight.
American Splendor - I don't know too much about the comic, but you don't need to in order to appreciate the movie. I stayed up well past my bedtime to watch the end, even though it was already TiVoed. TiVo is great, by the way, and you need to get one.

On Saturday I stopped by the Knitting Room for yarn for a redo of Paris Loop. I couldn't decide between Marks and Kattens Kosmos and their boucle, whose name I forget. Jackie recommended the Kosmos, and it is a joy to work with. Very soft and lofty. Let's hope Paris Loop mark two is a success. I worked on it at knitting group yesterday and while watching American Splendor (it's an easy pattern). Oh, and I also got some Berroco Plush for baby sweaters for my friends' impending twins. Loverly!


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I really enjoyed Lost in Translation too! Your Paris Loop looks great!

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