Monday, September 27, 2004

Paris Loop Take Two and Fun with Plush

OK, my film fest knitting last week allowed me to finish my second Paris Loop. It is oh so cosy and just right for my often chilly office. I have still worn the other one (see previous post) on occasion, but this is a better neutral that will match more. The photo doesn't do the color justice - it's an ice blue with some very slight darker blue variegation. Yarn: Marks and Kattens Kosmos, Needles 15, 11, 8. Pattern from

As I was under the weather over the weekend I didn't get to finish Anouk - it must be done for my daughter's birthday next weekend, but I couldn't really concentrate to do the neck finishing. So instead I started on the baby sweaters for the impending twins (baby shower mid-October). I'm using Berroco Plush, and it is soooo soft. I might have to make my daughter a jacket in this later. I have one back finished and will start on the fronts soon. The pieces will all be different colors (bad idea to have the front of a baby sweater be white, don'tcha know.

And after Anouk is done and my kit arrives, I will join Alison and Jenn's Ron-along (Weasley-along) to make my son a Harry Potter sweater.


Blogger alison said...

Your new paris loop is really beautiful! I love Marks & Kattens yarns. They're hard to find, but often so lovely. Glad to hear that the second time was a charm on this project. :)

2:09 PM  
Blogger wrtrmaus said...

Both of your Paris Loops are very cool. I finished one a couple of weeks ago and am also tempted to do another soon. Anouk is very cute as well, I'm sure it will look adorable on.

Have a good day.

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Amanda said...

Oh, it's so fab! I love it!

3:44 PM  

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