Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Harry back and furry boot

I finished the back of the Harry Potter/Weasley sweater and am about 2" into the front. It's time to make the decision whether to do the initial intarsia or duplicate stitch. On the pro intarsia side, I think it will look neater and it will be an opportunity to learn how to do it right (I have limited 2-color knitting experience). On the pro-duplicate stitch side, I could theoretically rip out the R in a few years and add my daughter's initial instead (ever the frugal knitter). On the anti-duplicate stitch side, it would be a whole lotta duplicate stitch to sew. Hmm. Stay tuned to find out what happens.

Also included in the photo below - about half of the back to my 3XChic, which I am loving, and one baby Ugg-style bootie. I tried it on my daughter and it fit perfectly! The other bootie is in progress. Oh, and the baby sweaters were gifted on Saturday. Alas, my photo of them is blurry but I'll see if someone else at the shower took a good one.


Blogger alison said...

Looking good! I'm still on the fence about intarsia vs. stranding too. That's why I started in on a sleeve. ;0)

10:12 AM  

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