Monday, November 15, 2004

No, dear blog, I have not forgotten you

I've just been kinda busy. National election (not pleased with the result, but we'll press on), Red Sox World Series victory (not pleased with some players' publicized politics, but we'll press on), and raising a Kindergartener and nascent toddler (not pleased with some of their behavior, but...well, you get the idea).

But I have been knitting. Sunday knitting group continues to be fun if crowded. We have a nice range of knitters from 22 to about 60, and people come and go throughout the afternoon. I fear we are outgrowing the friendly coffeeshop but I'm not sure where else we might go. I've considered checking out some of the other Boston-area Sunday groups but now that I've made so many knitting friends in Ball Square it just wouldn't feel right. Yesterday we were talking about the FlyLady site - I had never heard of it, but I could probably use it. If given the choice I will knit instead of dust, and I have the sniffles to prove it.

My knitting progress: finished the back of my 3XChic and have about 5 inches of front done; finished body of Weasley sweater and possibly one sleeve. Have to try the sleeve on the boy because the specified length seems short. Not that my son is a gorilla, but he's pretty tall. I had to rip out and rework the neck of the sweater because when I tested it on him he found it too tight. That was very frustrating but was a good lesson in perseverance for me. I'll try and post a photo later.

I hope to finish both sweaters this month so December can be my knitted gifts month: scarves for my sisters and mom, and cell phone/IPod cases for my nieces. Then just have to shop for the boys (who are already harder to shop for anyway, sigh). Starting to think about what my January projects might be...a Weasley for my daughter? A husband sweater? I'd love to start using the Blizzard that my Secret Pal sent me; maybe for the heart scarf in Knitty, or something simpler. And I still have a first sock to finish. Hmm. I have many bookmarks in the current Patternworks catalog.

My songs of the week: "Nearer Than Heaven" by the Delays; "All at Sea", Jamie Cullum; "Coin Operated Boy", Dresden Dolls. Check 'em out on iTunes. Thank you TiVo for taping Subterranean for me.

My TV of the week: "Worst Week of My Life" on BBC America. It's like "Meet the Parents" plus "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Maybe not so original, but it made me laugh.

My movie of the week: "The Incredibles." I loved it, and so did my son. I guess I won't be knitting any capes (see the movie to get that reference...).


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