Monday, January 24, 2005

Snowbound but chic

3XChic, to be exact:

The perspective in the photo is a little off - it *is* a normal size neck opening. I am not a pinhead (Ed. note: says you!). This is a nice, cozy knockaround sweater done in Sirdar Denim Chunky (which now might be called Denim Ultra, I'm not sure). My only critique of the sweater is that when I have been sitting while wearing it it creases across my lap and the crease remains when I stand up, so I tug and adjust a lot. But hey, it's the first sweater I've ever knit for myself, and I think it isn't half bad. It certainly gave me confidence to try the alpaca boucle, which will be finished when the rest of the yarn arrives (about 50% of a sleeve to go, plus seaming).

As I can't finish the boucle sweater yet, I decided to make my husband a pair of socks to wear on his first day at his new job in February - my first socks. We had a blizzard here this weekend so I made some good progress on one sock:

I turned the heel just fine (helped that Cynthia went over the process in the toe-up-on-two-circulars session last Thursday) and am on the foot now. Alert readers will note I am using double points. These came with the Red Cross Knit Kit I bought from the store. For a $25 donation you can buy a kit that contains sock yarn, needles, a finishing needle and a 1942 pattern reprint, all in a cute little tin. I like the red needles - makes using double points look even more dangerous!

Kindergarten was cancelled because of snow, so I worked at home while R played with Bionicles and watched cartoons. He said he didn't want to eat the veggies in his lunch because "my vegetable tank is full." We made a deal that if he at least ate the carrots he could help me make cookies. "OK," he said, "I still have room for *round* things in my tummy."


Blogger Bookish Wendy said...

The sweater looks great! Your first sweater for rock!

And the kid...way cute too. I used to tell my mom that I had four compartments in my tummy - breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert! At my gmas 80th birthday party last weekend I figured out where my sweet tooth came from. There she was sitting with all of her siblings (all still alive!) chowing on some cookies. Teehehe.

5:27 PM  
Blogger grumperina said...

The sweater looks great! I'm about to start my first one, too, I hope mine also comes out with a regular-sized neckhole :).

10:28 AM  

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