Wednesday, August 31, 2005

You have arrived at your destination.

Just returned from our weeklong vacation in Ocean City, Maryland. We all - husband, R, Z and I - had a lovely time boogie boarding, building sand castles, eating crab cakes, and relaxing by the surf. It was an admittedly long drive to get there (about 8 hours), but that was made more tolerable by three things: the newly-purchased Fast Lane/EZPass transponder, so we didn't have to stop for tolls; the also newly-purchased GPS unit to guide us from Boston to the Delmarva peninsula; and miles of car-appropriate stockinette in the round for Hopeful. I'm nearly up to the armholes, see?

We became really enamored of the GPS device, a Tomtom Go. Not only does it count down the distance to your destination (thus enabling you to answer with authority when asked "when will we get there?" by a small person in the back seat "At 5:37 PM - and you can watch it yourself so you don't have to keep asking us.") - it also talks to you to tell you where and when to turn. My husband picked the female British voice, reasoning it would be like (the female) Holly from Red Dwarf. I think I would like a Tomtom for knitting. Can you imagine? You wouldn't have to look at the pattern! A friendly voice would prompt you : "In eight stitches, knit two together.......knit two together now. Continue to next marker." You could pretend the English voice was Debbie Bliss, or load the Australian voice for your Jo Sharp pattern. I think I need to get the MIT engineers on this idea immediately.

The day after we returned we went to our goddaughter Morgan's first birthday party. I made her a pink frosted cupcake hat:

The base (Tweedy Cotton Classic) is supposed to look like the muffin tin liner. The top (Knitpicks Crayon) is the icing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've thought of that before - a prompter to tell you when to do what, so that you don't have to look at the pattern. Let me know if the MIT engineers bite ;).

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My guy is talking about getting a GPS unit. I think I would be more on board with the purchase if it would give knitting directions as well as driving directions. Super cute hat by the way!

7:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice hat!

I travelled to Beffalo with a friend who has the Tomtom software -- she had the female voice named "Lori" so all week we would say things like, "oh, don't worry, Lori will tell us how to get there" and people wondered if this was our imaginary friend or something...

7:47 AM  
Blogger FemiKnitMafia said...

You are SO brave to drive 8 hours with two wee ones. I'm impressed, and although you can't see it, I'm performing a theatrical bow in homage. Love the Knitting Tomtom idea. I could really use that. Glad everyone is back in one piece (again with the bow).

8:42 AM  

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