Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wee gifties

Made a few little gifts over the past few weeks. I had been working on some Cozy Cable Socks for my eldest sister, and had finished only one before we went to visit her for a ski weekend. Just as well, as the cabling made the sock too tight to get over her foot (though it fits me). So, I had to quickly whip up something else, and made her this little Cotton Chenille washcloth/puff to match her zinnia shower curtain:

Was only slightly disheartened to receive this question from her in email:
>I'm afraid I need to ask you what the beautiful "flower" you made me is for :)
On the bright side, she thought it was way too nice to be a washcloth.

Next, thanks to some sneaky outreach from his lovely separated wife, I learned it was Neilochka's birthday! I've enjoyed reading his blog for some time now, so I knit a Mason-Dixon ball band washcloth to match his purple bathrobe of indeterminate origin:

I used the extra Valley Yarns' Stockbridge that I will not be needing to finish the cable socks to make a Santa Cruz hat from MagKnits, but even with blocking it still barely reaches the tops of my ears. If I can't find a worthy recipient maybe I'll just keep it and wear it as a "feminine yarmulke" at temple. I do think it still looks kinda cute as a decorative Juliet-cap kind of hat, but it might be a little young for me. I'm also trying a Point Lobos hat from the same designer, but I'm going to add an extra pattern repeat. Photos of those another time.

Oh, and just for laughs - here's the aftermath of when Z covered her hair with yellow Silly Putty at preschool in an effort to look like SpongeBob. It took two hours, half a can of Pam cooking spray, and much of our TiVo's backlog of SpongeBob episodes for me to coax the stuff out of her hair, bit by bit.


Blogger Danielle said...

Oh no! Poor Z!

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my! That's quite a hairdo.

11:19 AM  
Blogger FemiKnitMafia said...

Good lord, Katie. You are a fabulous mother to make that commitment to Z's hair. My Mom would've chopped out that one section and told me that the hole would remind me not to put stuff in my hair. Would you like to adopt another (older) daughter? ;-)

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice one, Z! Way to ruin a parent's afternoon!

3:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your gift. The only problem is that it is too beautiful to actually use.

4:35 PM  

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