Friday, October 05, 2007

Everything but the kitchen sink

So, the lease extension to our sublet has now reached a second month, and our 3.5 month renovation has turned into a 5.5 month renovation. Why, you may ask? The answer lies in the kitchen.

We decided to use recycled engineered quartz for our countertops. The place from which we ordered our kitchen cabinets assured us that they had "a guy" who could order and install countertops for us. On the appointed day, he showed up and proceeded to install a sink in our kitchen. The workmanship was lovely, and the countertops sparkled. Too bad he accidentally cut the hole for and installed the *laundry* sink instead of the *kitchen* sink. To top that off, our contractor had somehow ordered the wrong kitchen sink (an inset model instead of an undermount). Undo! The existing hole would not fit the kitchen sink (that is, the undermount style one we had originally wanted to use), so we found an alternative "close-enough" model online and quickly ordered it. We were happy, the architect was happy, and the kitchen place was happy that I wasn't going to make them redo the entire counter.

Oops! The kitchen place forgot to tell this to the countertop installer, who, in an additional bout of "don't let the facts get in the way of my initiative", came back unannounced a few days later and made the hole larger to accomodate that inset sink that had been ordered by mistake. Which, of course, now rendered this entire slab of stone useless for our kitchen. For the first time in the entire remodelling process, I dropped an F-bomb in front of the architect and contractor. place is giving us a new countertop, the new correct undermount sink is now installed, and the incorrectly-ordered inset sink and cut-to-fit quartz countertop will find a new home in our laundry room. I hope whoever buys this house from us one day will appreciate their high-end laundry room.

I've been knitting a lot to ease the stress...finished a sock for R, working on a sock for the BH, and on a moss stitch pillow for the new living room chair. We're due to move back on Halloween. Sure hope that's no trick.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gargh! How frustrating. I'd be dropping the f-bomb left and right.

2:35 PM  
Blogger Molly said...

What a horror. Some more f-words that come to mind are featherbrain, fools, and fire-em! (I know you can't do that, thats the awful thing.)

9:36 AM  

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