Wednesday, August 11, 2004

International Distress Orange

This past week has not allowed me too much time for knitting, what with DS's 5th birthday party and all. I went to the Somerville SnB Sunday and finished another baby hat for the fundraiser (made from TLC in Polo - it self-stripes) and, since I had forgotten my Denise kit with the right needles for my hooded sweater, instead worked on the Bright Orange Keyhole Scarf. It's coming along nicely, though the keyhole looks a little ragged. Yes, yes, I will take photos soon.

I'm trying to decide what sweater pattern to use for my own sweater, to be undertaken after Anouk. I bought the Sirdar Denim Chunky figuring I would use it for 3XChic, but the Banff pattern is growing on me. The yarn (mix of wool, cotton and acrylic) might not be sturdy enough for that, though. I also like the Big Sack sweater from SnB, but don't think I have enough yarn. So it might be 3XChic after all, which would be fine. I want the first sweater that I knit for me to be do-able. But hey, my knitting confidence grows daily. I can do it.


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