Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Jennifer Aniston never had this problem

Well, at least her character on Friends never did. When I arrived at the coffee shop for SnB this week, the couch area was taken up by two (rather surprisingly foul-mouthed) old men. They had long since finished their food and drink, and Kristina, Betsy and I pondered how to make them relinquish the spot. "We could talk about *tampons*," I helpfully suggested. And it worked! But I have to ask, did Rachel Green ever have to stoop to this on Friends? What, TV is not like real life?

Actual knitting content: I finished the back of Anouk and have now started on the front. I hope my daughter will be able to wear it for her birthday in October. I also worked a little on the orange keyhole scarf (and an SnBer's very cute 2-year-old daughter modelled it for us) and on the cherry pie hat. Hearing me complain about bobbles and my bamboo circulars (I am spoiled from using my Denises), Omar suggested I just knit the "filling" in garter stitch and make a lattice "crust" from the rest of the oatmeal yarn. What a great idea! And authentic - you don't usually see one-crust cherry pies. I may still do a few more bobbles so some will stick out under the lattice. My fingers will welcome the change from all the k3togs.

Hi Secret Pal! Thanks for the email. Hope you had a nice Labor Day weekend.


Blogger Stacy said...

I know what you mean about the K3tog's! The husband sweater I'm working on uses those for the star stitch yoke. I have to K3tog, leave on needle, then YO, and K into the 3 sts! My fingers and wrists are so stiff after one row. Luckily the WS row is just P sts. I have a feeling this part of the sweater is going to take forever to finish.

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