Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Poncho mania

I guess I don't really understand the poncho trend. I vaguely remember hippies wearing them when I was very small - why the sudden resurgence? I do find them cute on kids though, so I crocheted one for my daughter (see below).

The pattern is from Candy Tots; the hat pattern (hard to see the hat as she was in the process of pulling it off to play peekaboo with it) is based on one from the Lion Brand site.

I also decided to try to make one for myself to see whether, as I suspect, ponchos are only flattering to children or to tall, lissome people. I like the looks of the Magknits Paris Loop poncho, so I've got one underway. Stay tuned for photos. At lunch today Kathy forgot her knitting to I made/let her work on some purl rows while I worked on Anouk. Thanks, Kathy!


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