Thursday, December 09, 2004

Holiday Works in Progress

Secret Pal 3 ended this week - my "giftee" was Marti in Seattle. She is an expert knitter and I was a little intimidated about what to send her. I made her the bag from the cover of Last Minute Knitted Gifts (out of what I think was some unlabelled Cotton Classic) and filled it with a tin of Trader Joe's Stroopwafels. I was pleased that she liked it. Although really, how can you go wrong with Stroopwafels?

I have also made some headway on my holiday kid teacher gifts, although I keep remembering more people to add. So far I have finished 2 Airy scarves (one in Schaefer Anne, one in KidSeta), 2 heart lace bookmarks (size two needles), and 4 snowflakes (crocheted). In progress we have these:

an unblocked snowflake/doily/coaster, a snowflake still on the hook, part of another Airy scarf, and (wait for it) a third-to-half of a Clapotis! A few of the women in my office are into Clapotis as well...we even brought our knitting bags to our office holiday party so we could compare notes. Kate Gilbert, you rule. I am aiming for 3-6 Airy scarves and possibly something for the husband. And maybe a souvenir for my male model/drummer/screenwriter friend who is moving to Tinseltown. Next week. Ack, looks like I'll be knitting at lunchtime again.


Blogger Bookish Wendy said...

Thanks so much for the comment and the tip. I just finished reading it. What a great article! I love the authors view of "how you find your books." That's totally me. I fly all over the place. It's also interesting because I read 'Train' and felt the same way! I usually don't read the Beliver. Do you? I get annoyed with all of the adjectives in the writing. And the preoccupation with pop culture. I'm just one girl talking...

Bugs rocks. I've always associated that line with 'Of Mice and Men'. I wonder if the cartoon was trying to make some association? What do you think, am I out there on that one?!

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