Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Last weekend we moved my late mother-in-law's stuff from her rental house, as new occupants are about to arrive. She was a fiber artist and RISD grad, so among her personal effects were:

-a weaving loom (I forget what brand)
-four large boxes of coned weaving yarn (some of which may also be suitable for knitting/crochet)
-a sewing machine
-a serger

Anyone want to teach me how to weave and/or give me a refresher course on sewing? I once learned for home ec class on my mom's ancient Singer; this machine (and like the loom I forget the brand) is newer and does fancy stuff. And a serger, that's new to me.

Knitting news: Tubey is really done! I added an inch in length and cast off more loosely. Picovoli is done except for the weaving in of ends! Great, just in time to *not be able to wear it for 6 months*. The Simply Lovely Lace socks? Done, and already trashed! They went into the wash with some kid clothing containing Velcro, and got all snagged. When I tried to shave off the fluff, I broke the yarn in the middle of the lace pattern. Eh, they were pretty itchy anyway for superwash wool. No heartbreak there. Clapotis is still about 2/3 done. Working on second flip flop sock although fall has come quickly to New England and I really doubt I will wear the Naots again for a few months, except indoors. Sitcom Chic is awaiting sleeve attachment and yoke, but I see it as more of a spring sweater so will probably hold off on that.

R wants me to start his Jesse's Flames sweater, so that's due for casting on this week. Yesterday I realized I still didn't have the red yarn for the flames, so he and I stopped at the craft store to pick up some superwash wool. On the way to the yarn aisle he spotted a bin of colorful latch hooks and started playing with them (men and tools...). He asked what they were, and I showed him the kits on the shelf above. He spied a kit to make a soccer ball pillow, and asked "Mom, can I get this? It's ok, right, because boys can knit too?" How could I say no to that? However, why do I have the feeling he's going to do about two rows and make me finish it?

I also had a thought: would a latch hook project using cut-up Noro Kureyon look really cool, or would the variegation be completely lost? Oy, I just realized that in one post I have described taking on three (3) new crafts. That is crazy. Or *is* it...?


Blogger FemiKnitMafia said...

Oh, new toys! New toys! I would love to give you a tutorial on your new sewing machine and serger, simply for the chance to play with your toys.

11:56 AM  

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