Thursday, September 02, 2004

Secret Pal info

I just joined the Secret Pal III gift exchange. An excuse to go to yarn shops this weekend, ooh! We were requested to post the answers to the questionnaire here, so here you go SP:
1. I'm not really a yarn snob. I tend not to like variegated yarns so much, but I don't mind acrylic since I need my kids' stuff to be washable.
2/4. I crochet and knit - I'm still a relatively new knitter, less than a year but making up for lost time.
3. I'm not allergic to wool or pets although my husband is; I can't stand the smell of smoke though.
5. I do have an Amazon wish list.
6. As my husband really dislikes scented candles and my small kids don't allow me to take leisurely soaks I would say candles and bath goodies are sadly verboten at this time.
7. I love dark chocolate. I wish chocolate were one of the four food groups (Chocotastic Group).
8. I sometimes dabble in polymer clay and origami; I'm also an avid gardener and cook.
9. I mostly like indie-pop, electronica, "college" type music but always enjoy hearing new things.
10. I like blues; I've never had my colors done but someone on the street once told me I'm a "winter".
11. Husband, son (5), daughter (almost 1), no pets (see 3)
12. I'm livin' it, baby! Seriously, I'm pretty content as is, but I think I need more yarn. :)
13/14. I like the cotton fleece I'm using right now; also enjoyed the woolease. Haven't tried socks yet as the lady at my LYS said they involve a lot of counting that may be incompatible with knitting around small children. I had a love/hate relationship with homespun - soft and forgiving, but splitty. And I nearly always seem to get skeins whose center pull strands don't work right. That has nothing to do with anything but I thought I'd vent. I untangled the cherry yarn in the car this morning - don't worry, husband was driving.
15. Currently focused on projects for my kids; I did buy yarn for my first sweater for me, which I'll start on after Anouk is done.
16. I like projects that aren't too big or that are finishable within a month or two. I'm not crazy about non-winter-functional scarves - I just don't wear long ones but I do wear triangular ones on occasion.
17/18/20. "Baby Tart" and "Anouk" from Knitty; Windy City Scarf from SnB book; crocheted baby blanket from Lion Brand pattern (blanket begun in January, my oldest UFO). I made a poncho for my daughter but don't really think I would wear one. Maybe the Paris Loop from Magknits, that's kind of cool.
19/21. I primarily use the Denise interchangeable needles. Since I use a computer all day I find them kinder to my hands. Strangely enough I don't remember exactly who taught me how to knit - I knit Continental but my mom knits English. I either learned from a book or possibly a yarn shop near my college since I did my first primordial garter stitch projects then (and then gave up knitting for like 15 years).

Well, there you have it! More than you ever wanted to know.


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