Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Can you say stashbusting? In the past two months I have finished:

-a Panta headband made from Jade Sapphire handpainted cashmere I got on sale on vacation in Florida.
-a drop stitch scarf made from Meteor, scored at same sale
-Rosebud, but in tank form. I don't like the color so decided to bag the sleeves. Now what to do with the leftover 4 balls of pale pink Svale? The tank is very comfy though.
-a picot-edged baby kimono for new baby girl G, from Mason-Dixon Knitting, leftover yellow Lion Homespun
-a green pullover for new baby boy H (born same day as G, coincidentally), own "pattern", green Tahki Capri
-a bright yellow chenille warshrag for my friend J in Seattle (figuring she could use some sunshine)
-one Simply Lovely Lace sock from Interweave; just finishing cuff of other sock
-a bright yellow cotton warshrag for my daughter Z, by her request
-a pair of baby booties for new baby girl R of coworker (which I understand were quickly appropriated by R's big sister to serve as socks for her stuffed dinosaur)

I have also worked on but not finished:

-a Clapotis in Filati Must, a plum shiny ribbon, about half done
-a Sitcom Chic, body finished, on first sleeve, electric ("popsical blue" [sic]) blue Cotton Ease from Bldg 19 sale
-three socks - the matching Simply Lovely, the match for my husband's sock, and my son's first multicolor "Power Ranger" sock
-a log cabin baby blanket using leftovers of various cottons and cotton blends, from Mason-Dixon (I like log cabin-ing. This has been my World Cup project)

Also on needles/stitch holders but untouched:

-the fair isle pillow
-the Cinxia
-the crochet baby blanket

Would like to start within the next few months:

-Jesse's Flames for my son R, for fall
-a multicolred raglan for Z, also for fall (new tradition...yearly back to school sweaters for my kids. Can I keep up?)
-a Picovoli or Ballet Camisole for me (an excuse to make an order from Knitpicks or Webs/Valley Yarns)

Oh, and why the title? My left wrist hurts. Don't know if it's from playing with the kids or, as I suspect, using long metal needles for the cotton warshrag when my other Denises were busy. Or I could've just slept on it funny. The older I get the more often I find I can injure myself via sleeping. Or eating. Last week I bit into a stale baguette sandwich at a staff meeting and seem to have messed up my jaw. So yes, Ow.


Blogger FemiKnitMafia said...

Good lord, you're a busy knitter. Perhaps I should spend less time blogging and more time knitting. I can't wait to see the piles of handknits in person.

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. When do you have time to eat? You've set the bar quite high. Post some photos?

5:07 PM  

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