Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Baby knits and vacation too

Some successful baby knits:
A green sweater for baby H, who is already on the verge of outgrowing it:

(Tahki Capri, size 11 needles, I winged the pattern myself)

A Captain America hat for hubby's friend the comic book geek:

This was trickier...couldn't figure out a way to do an intarsia star what with the decreases needed at the top of hte hat (yes, I looked at the Shining Star and Odessa hats for inspiration), so I just knit a stripey hat and then crocheted a star and affixed it to the top. A little bulky, but it works.

(Valley Yarns Sugarloaf - really nice and soft!)

No photos yet from Baby G's family of her yellow kimono sweater.

Other knitting news:
I am on the cusp of finishing my US$10 Rowan Cotton Braid sweater. It used to be the $15 dollar sweater but I decided to save the remaining 5 balls for a tank or something. I could easily have finished it on vacation but it was way too hot for sweaters there, even at night. One sleeve is finished, one is halfway done. I got bored with the second sleeve and instead I made a ball-band washcloth and a pair of socks for my mom and dad (respectively), whose birthdays were in the past month. The one rainy day we had I also taught the cooped-up older girls in our rental how to do finger knitting, and they made some cute i-cordy scarves.

I really need to address my sleeve avoidance issue. Let's take a look at what's in my unfinished basket, shall we?
-Cinxia...finishing second sleeve (twisted stockinette on sz 10 dp, ugh) and need to figure out how to join to body of sweater)
-Sitcom Chic, on second sleeve, now it's cooler out and I actually need a cardigan so maybe...
-Rowan Raglan, awaiting second sleeve finishing.

Sensing a pattern here? I even tried knitting something sleeveless (Picovoli), but now it's cooling off and I am not motivated to finish it if I can't wear it right away. I did however acquire the motivation to make something new - flip flop socks, from the subscriber section of the Interweave Knits web site (I think they are called Toe Socks there). Why they are pressing: a little store on the boardwalk of our vacation spot was having a "buy one, get one half off" sale on Naot sandals. Naot sandals, if you've never tried them, are just the comfiest things around. I'm very picky about shoes, and I love these. One of the pairs I bought (Jennas) is white, thus I won't be wearing them much later this season (though I am today, the day after Labor Day, so sue me), but the Bali ones are lovely and I will need socks so I can wear them into the New England fall. Hence, the Toe Socks. Luckily I had a ball of Trekking XXL in my stash and new Knitpicks dpns to try. First sock about half done. I hope my Naots motive me to finish the second sock. I don't want both second sock syndrome *and* second sleeve syndrome.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure the excitment of wearing flip flops with socks will save you from SSS. As for the second sleeve, good luck!

3:21 PM  
Blogger Danielle said...

Oh, dear. First Rhonda and her socks, and now you and your toe socks! We'll be overrun with brightly colored handknits!

11:44 PM  
Blogger kelli ann & lorie said...

baby and sweater are just about the cutest things on the planet!! thanks for sharing

11:51 AM  

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