Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Anouk underway

Anouk is underway! I am using Cotton Fleece yarn - green for the "grass" trim, pink for the main bodice, and blue pockets with intarsia tulips. The pattern called for poppies but I liked pink tulips better. I managed my first two-color knitting for the pockets, and I'm up to the neck shaping for the back. So far it's a relatively easy pattern - I like the seed stitch edging.

Because I like to have take along projects too, I also just started a Baby Tart hat this morning during a staff meeting. I figure I pay more attention to the meeting while knitting than do the people who bring laptops and surf the net. The yarn for the hat was discovered at Michael's for $0.75 a skein as it was being discontinued - so my daughter will get a cherry pie hat that cost $1.50 (plus labor).


Blogger Stacy said...

What a CUTE hat! I can't wait to see your projects in person - or on your blog. Hint hint.

8:58 AM  
Blogger Molly said...

The Anouk is just adorable! I love the little pockets, and the fact that it grows with the child. Zoe is going to be the cutest kid on the block in that.... MDR

8:57 AM  

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