Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Irene Cara got nuthin' on me

Fame! Our Sunday knitting group was a front page article (with photos) in the Somerville News last week. Included is a photo of yours truly and R playing his Gameboy. There's also a photo labelled as me but that is actually Julie. Someone once thought we were sisters, nope. We're sistahs in knitting though.

Just got back from a week in Florida, and not much knitting to report. I finished a sock for my mom using the Inox needles that Grumperina ordered for me, and made some progress on a sock for me. Haven't touched the Shapely Tank, but I did swatch for a Pinup Queen. Sadly, I can't get gauge using the sale Dale Svale (I should listen to Dick Dale while I knit it?), so I'm trying to rewrite the pattern. I did about half of the rewriting last night before my brain became too tired for math. The Svale is 5.5 stitches per inch and the pattern yarn calls for 5. I could just try and make the largest size PQ but that might be cutting it close. Or I can make life easier and just make a Rosebud.

Although I didn't knit much in Florida I did get to peruse my mom's knitting books. My daughter was enthralled with the Minnowknits, Too book - she constantly wanted to look at the photos of all the kids in it, especially the babies. She pointed to every cute little face and exclaimed "beebee!".


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