Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Mommy, stop knitting please

is what my daughter Z (almost 18 months) tried to say the other day. I was sitting beside her on the couch while she was engrossed in Teletubbies and I worked on her brother's second yellow sock. Suddenly a small person straddled my lap and put her forehead against mine, giggling. I gave her a biiiiig hug, being careful not to poke her with one of the double pointed needles. The yarn got a little tangled, but who cares? Then we played "Trot, trot to Boston." It was really sweet.
A recent post by Dooce made me realize I need to remember these moments.

Much to R's delight, I finished the yellow socks after he and Z went to bed. Upon presentation the next morning they immediately went onto his feet so no photo yet.

On the needles: cable trim for the raglan sweater (actually, I wore it Sunday without the bottom trim - I'm getting a little tired of the cabling), hoodie for my daughter (front almost done - not in any rush), and about an inch of some socks for me in Fortissima Disco Colori that Alasdairgifted me at our yarn swap.


Blogger Crystal said...

hey there! i'm glad you enjoyed the colour class, it was a real pleasure to teach :) i better work on getting my blog updated, i'm so behind!

9:28 AM  

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