Friday, July 08, 2005

At last, it fits

I remember when Stacy showed me the issue of Knitty with Anouk on the cover. I also remember saying "ooh, that might inspire me to knit something other than a scarf, once I'm done with my dissertation." Well, obviously it did. I finished this not quite a year ago, when I was still a fairly novice knitter. Lessons learned:

-I did not fully understand how to pick up stitches for the neckline. I'm better at it now.

-The 18 month size really is for 18+ month girls. I tried this on her at her first birthday party and it was comically large.

-It might be a better idea to make the smaller baby sizes so you won't have toddlers pulling off side tab buttons and squirting juice boxes onto your carefully crafted intarsia tulips.

Last night after getting Z to bed for the third time and her brother the second (peer pressure?), I finished the last sleeve for the as-yet unphotographed Bob raglan. Tonight there will I hope be ends-weaving and seaming. I also worked on the ribbon top while R got his checkup at the dentist. Two hygenists stopped by the room because they had never seen anyone work with ribbon yarn before. :) Bob would have been perfect for this week's rainy weather but will instead be ready for the next heatwave, sigh.

I am thankful that my friends in London are okay and am creeped out that two of the incidents occurred right where I used to go to school at the University of London. Eight years ago I would've been walking by that very intersection at about the same time. One of the more ironic touches? The park in Tavistock Square features a lovely statue of Mahatma Gandhi.