Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Feet, neck, arm, hands

Lots of work on extremities-related projects recently. Here's a photo of the Fuzzyfeet I made for R in Noro Kureyon:

I also wove the ends into the ruffle scarf made from Knitpicks Twist, which I get to keep because R's school did not sell scarves at the fundraiser after all. I wore it today and like it very much. And R begged me to start the Morehouse Merino bear paw mittens as soon as he saw the kit (scored at the Knitsmiths swap); one mitten minus claws down, one to go.

Still plodding on the first Cinxia sleeve. The size 10 double points are slightly unwieldy, and the black is getting a little dull, but I must be a good knitalong co-leader and make some progress on this sweater! Next week I'll have a ten hour car trip which might be just what the doctor ordered for knitting catch up.

Cynthia from my work knitting group will be proud to see that I am now in the habit of carrying a sock to knit with me at all times. I worked on the blue Fixation socks while waiting to get into the new Massachusetts IKEA (along with seemingly the rest of New England) and I have been known to pull out the Knitpicks Dancing socks for my husband during lunch breaks.

Ah, but here's a non-extremity project - Z's finished yellow sweater.

She doesn't want me to make the neck any tighter, so it's a little sloppy...but she loves it.

So, the next week the Cinxia sleeves will prepare for their beatdown, and um, I will also work on a scarf for one of my favorite colleagues who is leaving to take a job elsewhere. But Cinxia will be the priority. Oh, dang, got to finish the lap blanket before seeing Mom at Thanksgiving too! Oy. Stay tuned.