Monday, September 25, 2006

All praise to the Amodex

I'll get to the knitting stuff in a minute. I need to wax lyrical for a few moments about a product that has made me truly happy - Amodex. Two Saturdays ago, Z decided that she would pack a significant portion of her "terrible two-ness" into one morning. Before I got out of bed, she grabbed one of my necklaces, put it on, then couldn't figure out the clasp so just yanked it off and broke the thin leather cord. While I was in the shower, she grabbed a lipstick from my purse, smeared it all over her face and on a curtain, then tried to put it back in my purse sans-cap leaving a trail of berry-colored stains. Next, at temple for "Tot Shabbat" she grabbed a Sharpie at the name tag table and I foolishly tried to wrest it away from her. In the process of keeping her trophy, she drew a four-inch line of black Sharpie across the front of her new Hanna Andersson dress. Oy Gevalt. DH restrained me from selling Z on eBay that afternoon.

I did a web search for ink stains on cotton. Tried a few of the recommended solutions. Zilch. I found a pointer to Amodex, and DH brought some back from the grocery store. The instructions warned not to wet an ink stain before using the product (oops), but I followed them just the same. I blotted, I scrubbed, I rinsed. It took three applications, but now the four-inch angry back stain is now a half-inch faint grey line. I'm sure it'd be gone completely if I hadn't wet the stain first. You would only notice it if you were looking for it, and Z isn't much for sitting still anyway so there you go. Thank you Amodex! Now someone please explain to me how in the space of ten years I've gone from someone who gets really excited over having little-known (sorry) New Zealand rock musicians autograph her concert t-shirt to someone who gets really excited over stain removal products.

Knitting. No, I don't have photos. My DH hogs the camera (hi honey). Finished: two finger-knitting scarves and the Cotton Braid sweatshirt. The latter is very drapey, i.e. not exactly flattering. But it's comfy and is an alternative to the old college sweatshirts i would ordinarily throw on to go outside and collect the newspaper. And it cost $10 to make. OK, maybe I'm a little bitter I don't look like a Rowan model in it.

In progress: Clapotis in Filati FF Must, finishing straight rows; Toe Socks in Trekking XXL (really like this yarn!) - one sock done; Falling Leaves scarf in Valley Yarns Stockbridge, about 6 inches done (btw, this confirms it, I'm sensitive to alpaca - the yarn feels vaguely like fiberglass to me and it's a blend). Must work on Sitcom Chic, Cinxia, and Picovoli to clear conscience so I can start R's new sweater.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Baby knits and vacation too

Some successful baby knits:
A green sweater for baby H, who is already on the verge of outgrowing it:

(Tahki Capri, size 11 needles, I winged the pattern myself)

A Captain America hat for hubby's friend the comic book geek:

This was trickier...couldn't figure out a way to do an intarsia star what with the decreases needed at the top of hte hat (yes, I looked at the Shining Star and Odessa hats for inspiration), so I just knit a stripey hat and then crocheted a star and affixed it to the top. A little bulky, but it works.

(Valley Yarns Sugarloaf - really nice and soft!)

No photos yet from Baby G's family of her yellow kimono sweater.

Other knitting news:
I am on the cusp of finishing my US$10 Rowan Cotton Braid sweater. It used to be the $15 dollar sweater but I decided to save the remaining 5 balls for a tank or something. I could easily have finished it on vacation but it was way too hot for sweaters there, even at night. One sleeve is finished, one is halfway done. I got bored with the second sleeve and instead I made a ball-band washcloth and a pair of socks for my mom and dad (respectively), whose birthdays were in the past month. The one rainy day we had I also taught the cooped-up older girls in our rental how to do finger knitting, and they made some cute i-cordy scarves.

I really need to address my sleeve avoidance issue. Let's take a look at what's in my unfinished basket, shall we?
-Cinxia...finishing second sleeve (twisted stockinette on sz 10 dp, ugh) and need to figure out how to join to body of sweater)
-Sitcom Chic, on second sleeve, now it's cooler out and I actually need a cardigan so maybe...
-Rowan Raglan, awaiting second sleeve finishing.

Sensing a pattern here? I even tried knitting something sleeveless (Picovoli), but now it's cooling off and I am not motivated to finish it if I can't wear it right away. I did however acquire the motivation to make something new - flip flop socks, from the subscriber section of the Interweave Knits web site (I think they are called Toe Socks there). Why they are pressing: a little store on the boardwalk of our vacation spot was having a "buy one, get one half off" sale on Naot sandals. Naot sandals, if you've never tried them, are just the comfiest things around. I'm very picky about shoes, and I love these. One of the pairs I bought (Jennas) is white, thus I won't be wearing them much later this season (though I am today, the day after Labor Day, so sue me), but the Bali ones are lovely and I will need socks so I can wear them into the New England fall. Hence, the Toe Socks. Luckily I had a ball of Trekking XXL in my stash and new Knitpicks dpns to try. First sock about half done. I hope my Naots motive me to finish the second sock. I don't want both second sock syndrome *and* second sleeve syndrome.