Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Smitten with music

My blog crush of the month: Smitten Kitchen. After reading her witty entries I too have made the Barefoot Contessa's pecan bars (a big hit at work and my Stitch&Bitch meeting), the Korova cookies (as transcendent as she said) and the braised beef short ribs (did smell heavenly but frankly I prefer my brisket recipe). Perhaps I can simplify my life by only cooking what Deb cooks.

Further proof that I am no longer a college DJ: I have twice now remarked to my husband that he might like certain bands because he has a thing for female lead vocalists. Trouble is, neither of the bands I meant (the Delays and Silversun Pickups) have female lead vocalists. And I even *saw* these bands on TV. Now granted SSPU does have a female bassist/vocalist**, but she does not sing lead on the song I heard (update: in the video, a girl in the club is lipsynching along, so maybe that's how I was confused?). For the other I have only the excuse that I have a small TV. And apparently lack an ability to recognize Adam's apples.

Knitting...scarf for Red Scarf project halfway done. On front of Jesse's Flames sweater for R. Still basking in reflected glory of Baby Viking hat.

**my one regret in life - I never learned to play the bass. I play air bass. I'm looking forward to playing bass in Guitar Hero II. Heck, even my rabbi plays the bass. Can I be reincarnated as the bassist for Stellastarr*?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

WoW, knitting!

My husband (who was amused/horrified to see I referred to him as "DH" in earlier postings) is an avid player of World of Warcraft. One of his WoW guildmates just became a dad, and my better half/ball and chain/hunky studmuffin said 'Can you knit him something "Warcrafty" as a baby gift?' This seemed to fit the bill - it's Chile Con Yarne's Baby Viking Hat pattern:

Alas, the rivets don't show up well in this photo. Can you read the cute but geeky WoW item tag that my POSSLQ/partner created? Click on the photo for a close-up.
Yarn: Lion Wool Ease; Sz 7 Pony Pearl dpns; ties crocheted with my index finger because it was late and I couldn't find a crochet hook.

Note: no, that is not the baby wearing the hat, that is a stand-in basketball. And no, that is not a standard size basketball. I do have *some* sense of gauge, thank you very much.