Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jokes, malaise, and potentially nauseating mittens

Although it's a month post-Halloween, this is my kids' current favorite joke:

Q: What does a vegetarian zombie eat?
A: Grains. Graaaaains!

The kids and BH have been knocking themselves out thinking up other versions, including:

Q: What does a zombie plumber fix?
A; Draaaains!

Q: What does a zombie prisoner wear?
A. Chaaains!

(You may need to live in our area to get this next one)

Q: Where do zombies go bowling?
A: Laaaanes and Gaaaames!

And so on.

What with the unpacking and work business (and a visit from the multitalented Table setter), I have not had much inclination to blog. Or knit much, for that matter. I made a ribbed hat for me and one mitten each for R and Z, but then we located the winter accessories box in the garage so finishing the pairs became less urgent. Z came with me to the yarn shop to pick out her yarn, and she wanted Noro Kureyon mittens with pink Lion Fun Fur cuffs. The woman at the store was practically gagging at the idea that I would be combining those two fibers. She bent down and told Z "your mom loves you an awful lot to agree to knit you these mittens!"

Next items to finish will be the Maizy socks for R (so I can give him socks for Hanukkah, of course - my only holiday deadline knitting for once) and, with luck, the Mario scarf. Then I have a slew of in-progress items to consider:

-the moss stitch pillow for our new living room
-the second baby cable rib sock for me
-the Branching Out scarf for me (would match the hat I just knitted)
-Jesse's Flames (still haven't located my other yarn stash box in the garage) for R
-Kid Seta stripy scarf (uses leftover pink and blue, each color lovely alone but together in two row stripes make a pale washed out violet that I find unappealing).
-Tofutsies socks, but maybe try knitting them two at a time which would necessitate winding the skein into two balls assuming I find the ball winder. Frankly, I'm not sure I can be arsed to get that done.
-Sitcom Chic. Not sure I'd actually wear it. Not sure to whom I could give it. Not sure it'll get finished.
-the remaining mittens for R and Z (R's is in bulky Sheep Shop, which I officially adore)

Things I'd like to knit:
-The Modern Quilt Wrap. My pal the StitchingNut is going to show me hers to I can see what the "wrong" side looks like. Kidsilk Haze may be sticky enough that the reverse side looks ok...I'm considering attempting it using all nine colors of Knitpicks Gloss (including Bare). I loves me that KSH though; tough call.
-A work sweater for me. Most of the pullovers I've made are too casual for work. Time to find the Softwist Bulky or the Noro Sumile and appropriate chic patterns.

Thing I'd like to do:
-Update my Ravelry entries.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Back in da house!

We moved back into the house last week. That was a lot of work, but manageable with good movers and help from friends (husband still recovering from knee surgery). We're working out some plumbing and electrical issues, but that's for another post. We were doing ok until the POD came back. Husband and I agree that for a modest fee PODS should offer a POD-crushing service so you don't have to deal with all of that stuff. Seriously, with the exceptions of my musical instruments and yarn stash, I couldn't even tell you what is in those boxes now taking up most of our (now-double) garage. We have sworn to be ruthless in purging the PODded stuff. Ruthless! Absolutely no Ruth whatsoever. I think I need to read Flylady a few times to steel myself. I will not clutter up my lovely new home.

Knitting: working on a Mario scarf, a ribbed hat for me, and a lace scarf for me. Can recommence the Jesse's Flames sweater for R once I find its box in the garage.

And here's baby A modelling her Haiku. She appears to be thinking quite serious thoughts for someone so young. Hopefully not along the lines of "someone get this preppy-colored monstrosity off of me, now." Yarn is Patternworks Bretton in Pink, and yes, I am still sensitive to alpaca, even yarn that is 5% alpaca.